How to Start a Website (Domain Name, Hosting)

3. How to Start a Website-Domain, Hosting | Free Digital Marketing Course

If you’re looking for, How to Start a Website or what is Domain, Hosting, Install WordPress theme. Here in this blog, we will learn about all of them. This part is also very important in the Digital Marketing Course. A website is the online presence of any business or organization. you can easily follow your talent in your niche blogging. Here we will know all about How to Create a WordPress Website easily.

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How to Start a Website – Domain, Hosting, Install WordPress Theme

What Do I Need to Start a Website or Blog

Hey Friends, in this article we will learn all about How to Create a WordPress Website easily. It could be in your favorite niche. like guitar, food, technology, or anything. must read that article until the end, here I have described everything about creating a website in simple terms. Other modules of the Digital Marketing Course link given below of this article. I would suggest you must read them also.

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Basically for Creating a new Website few Requirements are- 1- Domain name, 2- Hosting 3- Theme(Install WordPress Theme Free & Manage your Website by WordPress Dashboard). you don’t need any Technical background or Specified Skills to start a Website. You just need a Computer or Laptop and Internet Connection that’s all.

1- What is a Domain Name?

What is a Domain Name : How to Start a WebsiteA domain name is your website name(Unique Identity of your online Address). A domain name is a specific address by that Internet users can access your website. Like- for Facebook  “” is the domain name for Facebook. Similarly, “” is the domain name Google. I know most people know what is Domain name, but still, I’m explaining it for people who don’t know.

Now, there can be multiple type extensions available on the Internet for your domain name like-.IN, .COM, .Net, .ORG, .INFO, .CO.IN, etc.

Domain name extensionsHere I must tell you (.IN) only for India. like- “ Other extensions you can use Globally. if your targeted audience only in India than you can take .IN. Otherwise, I would Recommend you choose any other Extension for a worldwide audience.

2- What is Web Hosting?

What is Web Hosting : How to Start a WebsiteWeb hosting is an online storage service that allows organizations and individuals to store a website or web page on the internet. from where any user can browse your website anytime. it is just like you have almirah and cases to store your stuff, similarly your website also needs an online place to store all the files and the folders.

Your website is a directory of files and various folders that are rendered through a particular domain name. So, whenever you’re planning to start a Blog or Website, you need two things mainly: first is your a domain name, and second is a website hosting. 

Nowadays, There are 3 types of Web Hostings available- 1- Shared web hosting, 2- Cloud hosting, 3- Dedicated hosting.

There are 3 types of Web Hostings

Note: Don’t host your dream website on free hosting sites. Because they have many limitations. You will not get full control of your site. These sites aren’t actually free; They will set limitations on you and offer a price to get those services. In my recommendations, if you’re planning a site, purchase h lowest price web hosting. Because in the starting you will not have too much visitors load. When your site will grow you can upgrade your hosting plans. 🙂

Shared Web Hosting

Shared Web Hostingshared web hosting, means, you’re paying for a small part of the server. Because taking the whole server will be costly. Shared web hosting is a solution for peoples. Who is starting-up their blog or website at a very cheap price by taking a small part of the server. multiple websites can be hosted on the server; you just need to pay a small fee for Shared Web Hosting. This is the cheapest option for starting a website. assume you have an almirah and you have rented sections to different-different peoples. So that’s the concept of how shared web hosting works.

Cloud Hosting

These services provide hosting on virtual servers which pull their computing resource from extensive underlying networks of physical web servers, That’s why it is more costly as compared to shared hosting. If you’re getting sufficient traffic on your site then you should prefer this otherwise Shared hosting is best for a beginner.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated HostingThis Service handles huge Internet Traffic. It is for extremely popular websites like- Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter. Who is getting millions of people every month? they need that kind of server resources or Dedicated Hosting. they own their entire server. you own all the resources. but in my point of view dedicated hosting has very complex, you as a beginner- you can-not manage it. because You will need to hire a server person who will be handling the entire server. But dedicated hosting is extremely fast and can handle tremendous traffic just because you are not sharing the space with anyone else. so this is all about dedicated hosting.

So these are the three types of hosting. hope I was able to tell you in simple words. In this Free Digital Marketing Course, You can learn everything about Digital Marketing. Don’t missout on any Article. You can find the articles below of this post or Find Digital Marketing in the menu section.

There are many Hosting or Domain names Provide available on the internet like- GoDaddy, Big Rock, Hostinger, CloudwaysBluehost, InMotion Hosting, iPage.. these are some best services providers. you can browse these sites and compare plans and purchase by your requirements.

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