Check if Used Mobile Phone is Lost or Stolen ⚠ Must Check before Buy

Check if Used Mobile Phone is Lost or Stolen ⚠ Must Check before Buy

Are you Looking for, how to Check if Used or Second-Hand Phone is Lost or Stolen in India or USA. Everyone must have a check before Buy or Purchase used phone. In this post, we will discuss a few amazing ways to check Lost or Stolen phone by IMEI Number (International Mobile Equipment Identity).

How to Check if Used Smartphone is Lost or Stolen before Purchase

Hi Guys, If you’re planning to buy a second-hand mobile phone, you need to first check that it hasn’t been registered as lost or stolen. every country has portals or websites where we can check by IMEI number easily. Suppose, If it was stolen, the owner could register that the mobile phone is blocked from carrier networks. Or they could remotely lock that phone so anyone can’t use it.

So in this post, we will understand step by step how we can check. The used phone is Lost or Stolen.

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Check the mobile phone’s IMEI Number

First, you need to find out the IMEI(international mobile equipment identity) number of that particular device or mobile phone. It might also be called a MEID or ESN.

Here we have shared a few different ways to find IMEI number:

  1. Dial *#06# on the phone.
  2. Look it up in the device’s Settings menu. goto about the phone section.
  3. Check the bar code on the back of the mobile phone.
  4. Check the barcode on the original packaging box

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Check if Used Smartphone is Lost or Stolen In India

When you find out your mobile phones IMEI number, now Click here to go to the Government of India’s official website to check details about that phone. Simply you need to type here your IMEI number. If you didn’t found any entry that means that the device isn’t registered as Lost or Stolen. You can use that device without worrying.

Check if Used Smartphone is Lost or Stolen In India

this site works by looking up a device’s IMEI. international mobile equipment identity number is a unique code that always assigned to every phone at the time of manufacturing. you can find out it in multiple places like- Phone backside sticker, packaging box, and mobile setting also. here are some Android secret codes we shared must read it.

Checking these details are most important before buying a used Smartphone or simple feature phone for a handful of reasons. If the phone is registered as lost or stolen. It pretty much won’t work. they won’t allow those devices to be connected to the cellular network.

Know Everything about Second Hand Phone before you Buy?

There is no doubt Used device comes with a lower price. But it might have a suspicious history. So before purchasing a used phone, We should aware of this and must make sure it’s not registered as lost or stolen.

To find out the details of your used device, simply follow the process. We have described above by IMEI(international mobile equipment identity number).

Check if Used Smartphone is Lost or Stolen In USA

If you are looking for how to check if a Used Smartphone is Lost or Stolen In the USA. we have totally described step by step in this post, if you’ are live USA process will be the same but you need to check the IMEI number on

U.S. wireless communications industry recently launched Stolenphonechecker.Org. The website uses multiple databases to help limit the resale of lost and stolen mobile devices in the U.S.

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