How To Change Name On Facebook

How To Change Name On Facebook | Edit your name on FB

If you’re looking for, How to Change name on Facebook. Here I will tell you, Edit your name on Facebook Step by Step. Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms. here we can connect to our friends, share photos, videos, Posts, and many more. some times we need to change our name on Facebook to read this full article. Here I have guided step by step.

Edit your name on FB

How To Change Name On Facebook | Edit your name on FB App

Facebook is one of the most popular Social Media platforms. Here users have been actively using the platform for a long time, there are many users who now want to change their personal details on Facebook. users often change their profile picture on their FB Account, some of them’s query if it is possible to replace the profile name on FB. Are you also wondering toward this, “Is it possible to change the name on Facebook“?

The answer is- Yes it is possible to change your name on FB.

One of the most popular reasons to change their name after getting a marriage, some of us like to do so for recreation. do you also want(comment below your reason, if you found this article useful?

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Follow these steps that will help you to change your Facebook name.

1. Open the Facebook app on your device. Click on 3 lines top right corner.

2. Scroll down and click on Settings & Privacy. then tab on Tap on Settings.

Facebook Settings & Privacy

3. Select Personal Information, new settings will open. Here you will find your Name click on that.

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Facebook Personal Information

4. Here you will find options for change name- Type your new profile name and final tap on Review Change.

options for change name in facebook app

Congratulations, Your Facebook Profile name is Successfully changed… with this process you can add a nickname also.

Note: if you are planning to change your name on FB: You can only edit your name once in 60 days.

Facebook does not allow users to put numbers, unusual capitalization, punctuation marks, or symbols.

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