How to Change Android Keyboards

How to Change Android Keyboard | Manage Keyboards

If you are looking for How to Change Android Keyboard. with Manage Keyboards settings you can easily switch and customize all keyboard settings. it will help you in typing Whatsapp Massage and other tasks. Most stock keyboards on Android are pretty good, with more customization options. if want a new layout or anything else. then switching to a new keyboard takes just a few steps- ☟

How to Change the keyboard on your android device

Change Android Keyboard | Manage Keyboards

First, Install Another Keyboard App

To switch Android keyboards, you must have downloaded installed other keyboards. there are many keyboards available on the Google Play store Like- Gboard, Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard. These keyboards also good options to switch.

when downloaded multiple keyboards you can easily change or manage the keyboard with these settings. Here’s a step-by-step guide on exactly what this process looks like πŸ‘‡

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1.Β open your Smartphone Settings and search “Manage Keyboards”

Manage Android Keyboards

2. by clicking Manage Keyboards you will find a dashboard. here you can manage keyboards settings, typing Language, and many more…

Note:➠ The following steps will probably look different for every keyboard that you install because each keyboard has a different setup process. The overall idea is still the same.

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