Happy Diwali Wishing Blogger Script 2020 πŸ”₯ - Free Download & Setup

Happy Diwali Wishing Blogger Script 2020 πŸ”₯ – Free Download & Setup

Are you looking for, Happy Diwali Wishing Script for Blogger, or WhatsApp viral wishing script free download. You’re in right place. Nowadays blogger scripts are very popular on WhatsApp and other social media platforms for wishing our loved ones. In this blog, we will discuss with you, How to free download this script and set up step by step. let’s begin.

Latest Happy Diwali Wishing Script for Blogger 2020 | Free Download & Setup

First of all, Happy Diwali to you and your family in advance. As we all know, nowadays the festival wishing blogger scripts is a very trending topic on WhatsApp and other social media platforms. we can also earn money by creating a simple script. You can apply an amazon affiliate marketing and place ad code in the respective places in the Happy Diwali Wishing ScriptΒ I am 100% sure, some days you must have received any festival wishing scripts on your Whatsapp number. So today I will give you a Lastest Diwali Wishing Script for Blogger Download. Here are a few screenshots of Wishing Script for Blogger.

This is a very lightweight HTML script. simply download and copy code & paste in your blogger theme. don’t worry about setup. I have described here step by step.

Happy Diwali Wishing Script Features

  • User-Friendly Script
  • Change Any Image & Text
  • Whatsapp Share Button
  • Very Light Weight HTML Script
  • Super High Loading Speed
  • You can use any type of ad code here.
  • Easily Shareable on Whatsapp to increase the revenue.
  • Customizable

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Setup Diwali Wishing Script for a blogger- Step by Step

1. Open Blogger.com. login with your Gmail id and click on a new blog.

Setup Diwali Wishing Script

2. Enter the blog title. now the main step “Choose a URL for your blog”

Happy Diwali Wishing Blogger Script Setup

3. Tap on themes>Change Nav Bar>choose off

Diwali Wishing Blogger Script Setup

4. Edit HTML, copy HTML code which you downloaded from the above link>Paste here and save.

Setup Dussehra Wishing Script 4

(Note- Open the downloaded Navratri Script on Notepad or Notepad++)

How to Make Money from Wishing Scripts

To monetize our Wishing Scripts, I would suggest you use Google Adsense Alternatives ads platforms. like- Flipkart and Amazon Referral programs and others. Because Google Adsense prefers only the search traffic if you put google ads on scripts. It may suspend your AdSense.

Copy Ads code from your Adsense or an affiliate link, and then paste anywhere before starting any other tag. we can show our ads multiple times in the script.

As we all know, Whatsapp is one of the most popular ways to connect with people we can viral these types of scripts on WhatsApp easily. this is the best way to viral wishing scripts. You may also share on Facebook groups, pages but remember don’t share more than 5 Links a Day otherwise Facebook Will block your Link. If we talk about WhatsApp, we can share how much we can, the best way is to viral we can join 200-300 groups to share script URL. There are many applications available on the Google Play store search” Whatsapp groups join “. Simply join those groups by joining groups. There are many websites available to join WhatsApp groups. . As we know, if anything gets viral on WhatsApp. there are no limits to traffic.


There are many bloggers, who made a lot of money from Festival and Events wishing Scripts. The best platform for viral any script is blogger.com. Because of its free and powerful hosting by blogger. It will automatically manage the storage and web requests of your script.

we can also make a wishing script on WordPress. But you need to purchase powerful hosting and domain it will be very costly.

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