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2. Digital Marketing Modules | Free Digital Marketing Course

If you’re Looking for, Digital Marketing Modules. Here are All modules explained. in this Free Digital Marketing Course, in this series, we learn this amazing skill in simple ways. I would suggest you read all articles in sequence because all modules are very important. below this article, all lessons link available must-read.

Digital Marketing Modules - Free Digital Marketing Course

Digital Marketing Modules | Free Digital Marketing Course

Hey, Friends,  Welcome to lesson number two of the digital marketing course. In this lesson, we will understand the overview of digital marketing. there are many components in DM. Digital marketing is highly dynamic. So you need to constantly learn new things, and apply the same. So, let’s get started.

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These are the primary Modules of digital marketing- free digital marketing course

These are the primary Modules of digital marketing.

  • Search engine marketing, 
  • social media marketing, 
  • searching optimization, 
  • content marketing, 
  • email marketing, 
  • web analytics, 
  • conversion rate optimization 
  • the sales funnel. 

Now let’s Learn Digital Marketing Modules step by step

1.  What is Search Engine Marketing Module?

What is Search Engine Marketing- Digital Marketing ModulesWe all know what is Search Engine. Now, I am sure that all of you must have searched something in Google search engine Like Corona is going on, so either you searched on Google for some, like, best mask or Sanitizer. you must have seen a lot of ads on Google. on that keyword in organic results.
Suppose, you’re a new business or starting up your blog or youtube Channel. get traffic to your website or youtube videos, you just need to enroll or spend some money on Google Ads. So, that you can immediately increase your reach on the number one or number two position. You can do this by Google AdWords.
its very simple, you just need to find the keywords and start the ad. we will learn everything about Search Engine Marketing in further articles. there are so many strategies in that. We will learn about that in the Google AdWords article.

2. What is Social Media Marketing Module?

What is Social Media Marketing- Digital Marketing ModulesI am sure, most of the people heard about social media marketing, most the people now using “Facebook”, “Instagram”, “Twitter”. these social media platforms have a tremendous audience. Like “Facebook” has multiple billion users. same on, “Twitter” has a big user.

as we all know, there is a huge audience so there are big opportunities for advertisement. social media marketing means gaining traffic or attention through social media sites. Now, there are two types of social media marketing, organic and paid.

you must have seen ads on Facebook like a video ad or image ads. social media marketing is really useful when your target audience. you just need to create a Facebook Ads Campain. when we talk about “Instagram“, we can hire Instagram influencers.

3. What is Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Module?

What is Search Engine Optimization(SEO)- Digital Marketing ModulesIt’s all about getting traffic from search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, to your website or Blog. we can get traffic on our content for Free. as per Research, 70 percent of users click on the first google result. that’s why SEO is very crucial for every site. The big E-Commerce site also uses SEO for thousands of daily free traffic. without paying any cost to acquire customers.

So, that is the specialty of search engine optimization. Once your article starts ranking on Google search engines, you’ll be driving free traffic  So, that is the main reason. we need to more focus on search engine optimization.

I’ll be sharing all my techniques on how to rank a website on Google search Engine number one point. So must SEO lessons in future articles.

4. What is Content Marketing Module?

What is Content Marketing- Digital Marketing ModulesContent marketing is trending for the last few years now. Because the customer reach model has changed. Content marketing is a very tricky marketing strategy to attract and retain a clearly defined audience to drive customer action.
content marketing is all about creating content to provide value to your planned customer. So, that is the potential of content marketing. Giving more value to your customers,  So, we’ll learn about this in the content marketing module.

5. What is Email Marketing Module?

What is Email MarketingThis is also very important. Companies are using email to reach with their targeted audience. it can be very useful especially on the affiliate website. email marketing isn’t only uploading a list of people to send to and mails to them. You also have to use some tools, you also need to know writing skills the emails, creating trip sequences and all.

6. What is Web Analysing Module?

We will understand Web analyzing for understanding the behavior of visitors to a website. we will learn in another article how to use analytics in the analytics module.

7. What is Conversion Rate Optimization Module?

What is Conversion Rate OptimizationConversion rate optimization is all about converting your leads to Customers. Some of you might not even know what blogging or Website is, or how to start a website, how to start a blog, how to even create a passive income through a blog. All these will be taught to you in the next article.
But I just want you to learn that if you want to learn digital marketing if you want to become good at digital marketing, you’ll have to practice. And the best way to practice is to implement everything on your blog. So, in the next article, 

8. What is a Sales Funnel Module?

What is a Sales FunnelDigital Marketing’s ultimate goal is to grow a business. more sales, to make a profit, to sell their product or services.

To create a sales funnel, you have to have the knowledge of a complete DM. 

Let’s say Amazon is selling mobiles. So, they might even show the ads on Facebook or Google Adwords, so you might be using Facebook, Google Search, watching Youtube videos then you suddenly see an ad from Amazon. even you were not planning to visit Flipkart, you might not even know about the new mobile launch, but in the ads, you might see a new phone, so you’ll click on the ads, you’ll visit the website or Amazon Application and you might purchase that phone.

it’s all about Sales Funnel. browse amazing articles on Digital Marketing and many more.

What is Digital Marketing? |⒈ Introduction of Free Digital Marketing Course

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